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Four years ago we bought a time share in the Hollywood Towers building, on Las Vegas strip. It was all great, and the advantages offered, (international financial crash not withstanding), sounded great.

However, having bought the studio apartment, and paid cash for it, this is what we have received. A bill for the maintenance of the apartment. No weeks available to be lodged with Vacation International so that we could actually go and stay anywhere, and thus far we are still not eligible apparently. This is four year ago!

Phone calls to their offices resulted in our being quite literally laughed at, and asked whether we had or had not read the fine print! The fine print being at the bottom of a file of papers that actually need a concertina file to carry. There are two options: we could, if we wanted to pay a thousand New Zealand dollars a week, go and stay in one of their resorts in Orlando, Florida, or in Las Vegas. But the huge volume of listings that we were shown full of resorts where we could go and stay is not worth carting home.

Four years of use of our $17,000 US dollars. We are entitled to nothing, and have nothing.

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