We received an invitation to attend a presentation on 1/19/2008 from Vacation International Professionals through VIP Travel. We were promised two round trip plane tickets for attending this presentation.

After sitting through the presentation, knew that this was too good to be true and didn't purchase the plan. We then went to the desk to receive our tickets and instead received a certificate to mail in to receive the tickets in 30 days. The tickets never came and the folks at either VIP Travel know nothing about Vacation International Professionals.

A total waste of time and a total lie.

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Greg Goode, did you ever get your plane tickets? I had the same thing happen, I thought i was getting the plane tickets, but in fact i was just getting two nights at their hotel in Puerta vallarta, then they tried to sell me the tickets.

I am curious what ever happened with you and this situation. thanks mark


Fly me to the moon.. Bla Bla Bla Then they will ask you for money that you cannot resist. :p


Hi everybody!! Now i know i am not the only one with a problem like mine.

I've never made any trips back to Africa since past 3 years i left my country.I have a valid A - DIRECT AIRSIDE TRANSIT VISA from United Kingdom to my country issued in New York but no money for plane ticket. I have a plan to go to my country to submit my old passport and get a new passport even to visit my Dad and my family members and come back. I pray to God that there is someone out there that will be able to help me, please contact me (prof4real2005 AT yahoo DOT com)to take my information that you can use to buy me a plane ticket. THANKS.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. prof4real2005@yahoo.com

Cantanhede, Coimbra, Portugal #28935

For the record "VIP Travel", also known as "Elite Escapes International" and also as "Vacation Professional Services" and also as "South Carolina Resort Properties" filed Chapter #11 Bankruptcy July 25, 2008 in US Bankruptcy Court District of South Carolina case #08-04363-hb 1100 Laurel St. Columbia SC 29201-2423


I too was rip-off by VIP Travel. From now on is I every receive a similar offer i will either ignore it is do some research first.

Atlasburg, Pennsylvania, United States #21188

Ms. long.

you may be happy now.

But just wait. VIP Travel is a time bomb ticking, and your fixing to experience it first hand!

Woodstock, Vermont, United States #19118

You guys are idiots. Are you that desperate for 2 airline tickets and a 7 day rental car that you would waste your time contacting the DA and whoever else?

The reason the world is the way it is today is because of people like you. Always have something to complain about. My husband and I bought into the VIP Travel membership. We have already used their services for 2 different trips.

We stayed in Williamsburg, VA at the Kings Creek Plantation for $399 for the entire week. That is how much Expedia had it on their site PER NIGHT! We took a cruise for our other vacation and didnt save as much money as what we did with the condo, but we still saved a little. And I didn't have to do all the research and the work.

I called and put in my request and was booked by Jeri within a day.

Like the saying goes, "Quit your ***..." You'd probably get further in life.

Silverdale, Washington, United States #11140

Listen here idiots it’s not free its complimentary it says that right on the mailing…can you not read. And on the back it plainly states “CALL FOR PARTICIAPATION.


Kenton, Ohio, United States #7069

V.I.P. Is a scam!!!!!!!!! They have ripped off many many people. Most

people just forget about them and write

them off as a lesson in life,not to trust anything that sounds too good to be true. I say we should put these people

out of business, and put them away on fraud charges!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #6817

I did the same thing. I recieved a letter stating that my gift, free airline tickets were "out of stock"..

They offered me some other "junk" type vacations. I plan on calling them in the morning. I'm not letting this drop.

I'll contact my DA,the hotel where saw the presentation and whoever else I can think of. I'm going to get me 2 airline tickets and my 7 day car rental or VIP travel will have *** to pay

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